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Pediatric Care with A Stratford Family Dental Office

Pediatric Care with A Stratford Family Dental Office

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been sitting at home, eating much more junk food than usual during this quarantine. Our pearly whites become more and more sensitive as we continue to divulge in our favorite comfort foods while locked down due to the pandemic. The kids are home doing school virtually on zoom and doing the same exact thing. You know that it’s imperative to save your children’s teeth, so naturally you’ll look at specific ways to do so. One of the most important things when it comes to your smile is actually in the future. Preventative measures are the most important type of dentistry when it comes to keeping your best smile out there for the world to see. At this Stratford family dental office, we take these preventative measures more serious than other dental clinics in the area.

The pediatric dentist services here at Barnum Dental provide a wide variety of preventative measures that look to preserve your teeth. Our expertise lies within services involving custom mouth guards and sealants that are perfect preventative measures for all ages. Sports are often a large part of your kids’ lives, and making sure they’re properly cared for is crucial. Athletes of all ages have decided to rely on our mouth guards to protect and prevent any injuries to their teeth.

Imagine that you’re an athlete, you would want the best quality mouth guard that specifically aligns with your mouth, right? Of course you would, which is why our custom mouth guards are perfect for your child athletes. The same goes for when you go to sleep. Many people tend to grind their teeth and increase the gradual decay of their teeth when they’re not even awake. They then seek to find something that can stop that decay. Our mouth guard product does just that by protecting your teeth from any damage in any harmful activity.

With preventative measures in mind, we focus on supplying all children the best pediatric dental services at this Stratford family dental center. Another example of preventative services we offer are dental sealants. These sealants are perfect for anyone looking to preserve their teeth from cavities or other types of decay.

Now let’s face it, children are bound to get cavities. However, it’s the services after receiving a cavity that truly matters. With our sealants, each child is given a chance to save their teeth from cavities or further decay. Both the custom mouth guard and sealant are perfect preventative measures that help keep your kids’ teeth from decaying over time. As a family dentist, we look to prevent those devastating events that negatively affect your smile in every way possible and as early as possible.

With the effects of COVID-19 still continuing to rage through the world, the safety of every child that enters the office is a top priority for us at Barnum Dental. That is why we will continue to practice the necessary precautions that ensure everyone’s safety while providing the best work possible. So if those kiddos are in need of some dental work, visit us at the Stratford family dental office or check out our website to learn more! Conveniently located at 1100 Barnum Avenue in the Stratford Spinelli Plaza, we are ready to keep your kids smile shining bright for years to come. More information about the wonderful pediatric dentistry work we do can be found on our website here! We hope to see you soon!

So Tell Me… Are You A Good Candidate For Porcelain Veneers?

Many patients face a wide range of cosmetic dental problems and porcelain veneers are a great solution to fixing several of them. Whether that’s making your teeth look whiter, straighter, more even and/or more attractive, veneers fit the bill perfectly.

That said, unfortunately not every patient is a candidate, so to help you out we’ve listed below some of the criteria that dentists look for in patients seeking veneers.

Multiple dental issues

We’ve already said that veneers can fix a multitude of issues, and while ingrained staining can be problematic using conventional teeth whitening methods, veneers can make them appear instantly whiter; in addition, crooked teeth can be made to look straighter.

Gappy teeth, chipped teeth, misshapen teeth and unevenly sized teeth can also be restored easily and effectively using porcelain veneers. So for those with multiple dental issues, veneers may well be considered as the preferred ‘quick fix’ option of choice.

Healthy teeth

Porcelain veneers need to be attached to healthy teeth – period! It isn’t advisable to place veneers on teeth that are showing signs of serious decay, or in mouths that are showing signs of gum disease. In these cases your dentist will advise that you need to fix these problems first before fitting veneers.

Absence of bruxism

Bruxism or teeth grinding/clenching is a common problem which many people knowingly or unknowingly suffer with. The problem is that although veneers are pretty durable, they aren’t as strong as our natural teeth. As a result the types of force exerted when a person grinds or clenches their teeth can easily damage a veneer. In many cases, bruxism can be dealt with by using a combination of night guards and relaxation techniques. If this is the case, your dentist may recommend treatment first.

Healthy tooth enamel

To fit veneers, they need to adhere to the enamel on the surface of the tooth. If the patient has lost a significant amount of tooth structure or the outer enamel has worn away, then the veneers have nothing to bond to. In this instance veneers probably aren’t the best option.

Good tooth alignment

While veneers can fix teeth that are unevenly spaced or slightly crooked, they are not beneficial for those with severely misaligned teeth.

The reason?

The positioning of the jaw in those with misaligned teeth means that when they bite down excessive pressure is put on the veneers. In many cases it can crack, chip, or break them. Misalignments are usually corrected by orthodontic procedures such as braces, but patients should be aware that this can be a time consuming process.

A desire for a great looking smile

Veneers are arguably the fastest and easiest way to create your perfect smile. Unlike other dental procedures that take place over a series of months and/or visits, veneers can be fitted in just one sitting. Veneers are ideal for those who aren’t entirely happy with aspects of their smile and as such are a great way to give a patient the smile they’ve always dreamed of fast.

If you’re not happy with your current smile and you believe that you’re a good candidate for porcelain veneers, then why not come and talk to Newfield Dental. Dr Tayal and the team have been providing preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry services to the people of Stamford for many years and our highly skilled team will provide you with the very best care possible.

If you’d like a consultation contact us on (203) 890 9300 today and take the first steps towards restoring your smile.

So How Do You Straighten Teeth Without Braces?

Although orthodontic braces are more discreet now than they were several decades ago, people (in particular adults) are still put off by the thought of having to endure a mouth full of brackets and wiring for lengthy periods of time. This is despite the fact that inconspicuous ceramic braces and other types such as lingual braces have come a long way to eradicate the ‘brace face’ perception of orthodontic treatment.

But what if there was a way to straighten teeth without the use of brackets and wiring altogether? Cue the Invisalign Aligner!

It’s fair to say that the Invisalign Aligner is about as far removed from traditional bracket and wiring style braces as orthodontic treatment gets. In reality it’s a lightweight clear plastic aligner which is placed over the teeth like a gum shield. A cleverly engineered gum shield none-the-less, but it’s pretty simplistic in form and that’s they key. It’s designed to be easily removed by the patient and unlike traditional braces which are worn 24/7 for the duration of the treatment, Invisalign Aligners are designed to be removed when eating and drinking. Oh, and one more thing… as the name suggests it’s virtually invisible.

The question I know you’re dying to ask is…. if an Invisalign Aligner doesn’t rely on brackets and wiring, then how does it move teeth?

The answer lies in the fact that one person typically has anywhere between 12 and 36 aligners per treatment, depending upon the degree of straightening needed. Each aligner is designed to be a tight fit over the teeth and will naturally force the teeth to move a fraction of an inch. When the aligner has done it’s job (usually 2-3 weeks) it’s exchanged for the next one in the series which allows for further tooth movement. This carries on for the duration of the treatment (usually 18 months) until the final aligner has worked it’s magic and the teeth are in perfect position. All without a single bracket or wire in sight!

The advantages of Invisalign aligners are many….

First and foremost they can be worn with complete discretion allowing greater freedom for people to carry on with their normal daily lives.

Secondly, the patient can choose when and where they wear their Aligners. If for instance they have an important meeting, event or dinner date, nobody needs to know they’re even having orthodontic treatment. That said – for best results, Invisalign Aligners should still be worn for 20-22 hours a day for optimum effect.

Finally, as they’re designed to be easily interchanged by the patient, very little chair time is needed when it comes to initial fitting and final removal. As a result, Invisalign Aligners are ideal for those people who are particularly anxious about visiting the dentist.

If you feel that your teeth could be straighter but really don’t fancy a mouth full of brackets and wiring then come and talk to us about Invisalign. To find out more, book a no obligation consultation with Dr Tayal and the team at Newfield Dental by calling (203) 890 9300 and take the first steps towards restoring your great looking smile today!

Want Straight Teeth without Traditional Braces? Here’s How to Go Wireless

Want Straight Teeth without Traditional Braces? Here’s How to Go Wireless

At the mention of braces, most people run a mile. If you’re young, the benefits of a long-lasting straight smile just about outweigh any embarrassment spent wearing braces during teenage years – but not so much for adults. There’s never really a convenient time to have your smile wired up and let’s face it; it can make business meetings a little more difficult, eating out somewhat awkward and social occasions quite uncomfortable.

For these reasons, most adults simply put up with their less than perfect smile. But what if we told you it didn’t have to be this way? Let’s introduce you to the Invisalign brace system. It allows you to achieve a perfectly straight smile – but by being super discreet.

What exactly is Invisalign?

Invisalign does exactly what the name suggests – it aligns your teeth almost invisibly. In fact so much so, that unless you tell people you’re wearing aligners, the chances are no one will notice. The system works to straighten teeth by correcting any crowding, spacing, overbites or underbites through wearing a series of clear plastic (BPA free) aligners that are replaced at home every 10-14 days.

Here are some fast facts about the Invisalign brace system:

  • Invisalign is currently provided in over 45 countries, treating approximately 2.5 million patients
  • The aligners are completely removable but need to be worn for at least 22 hours a day
  • The average length of treatment is one year
  • 96% of patients are satisfied with their results after wearing Invisalign
  • Invisalign was developed in 1997 by two University graduates from Stanford

So why choose Invisalign?

At Admire Dental, we’ll be happy to help you weigh up the pros and cons of Invisalign treatment so that you can make an informed dental decision that’s right for you. In the meantime, here are three of the main advantages of choosing Invisalign:

  1. It’s almost invisible – Invisalign is the number one choice for many patients because it means you can straighten your teeth in secret!
  2. It’s comfortable – traditional wire braces can easily cause abrasions to the soft tissues and make eating quite painful at times. While we can’t promise that Invisalign is completely pain-free (you’ll probably experience some mild discomfort to begin with) when compared with traditional wire braces, they are far easier to get used to.

It’s removable – another great reason many of our patients choose Invisalign is that unlike fixed wire braces, each aligner is designed to be removable. This means you can easily take out your aligners, making eating meals or cleaning your teeth completely fuss-free!

It has to be said for anyone wanting a straighter smile, Invisalign offers cutting-edge technology that is a great alternative to any metallic misery that may be faced with traditional braces. So if you’d like to correct any oral insecurities you have with clear removable braces, why not come and have a chat with us here at Admire Dental? Call us today to arrange your appointment on (860) 845 8872.

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This is such a wonderful place with friendly office staff. I was very afraid of dentist appointments but this office makes you feel so comfortable. I highly recommend this office.

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This was my first visit to Barnum Dental. It was a very pleasant experience. I had a cleaning done by a wonderful hygienist. She was very thorough and pointed out some things that my previous dentist never did. Thumbs up! The Dentist was kind and friendly. He made me feel at ease. Very clean facility. Sweet front desk staff.

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