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When Was the Last Time You Saw Your Stratford Dentist?

When was the Last Time You Saw Your Stratford Dentist?

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It is understandable, especially in the last couple of years, that it has been quite some time since you last had an appointment with the best Stratford dentist or even thought about your mouth’s state. We get it, and we do not judge anyone for that, no matter how long it has been.

Recently, many people across the country have had a lot on their plate. Dental hygiene is shoved in the back of your mind when you are busy, have other health conditions that are more pressing, experience financial troubles, etc. The list could go on and on.

We ask that you do not feel too embarrassed or ashamed to visit your favorite Stratford dentist! Dental problems often worsen if they go untreated, so we expect a few people to come back for a cleaning, after a multiple-year lapse, with pesky cavities, slightly stained teeth, gum inflammation, and possibly, in need of a root canal.

These dental issues may seem daunting, or even embarrassing, to show your dentist. You may feel like we will reprimand you for allowing your teeth to reach this state, but we will not. We promise!

We know that just because you had to put your dental health on the back burner does not mean that you have been neglecting your oral hygiene regimen. People can brush their teeth for two minutes twice a day, floss at least once, and still end up with cavities and cracked teeth.

We want you to know that we are here for you and your oral health. We can help you fix the problem before it becomes a dental emergency. And if it took a dental emergency to get you to come back to the most compassionate Stratford dentist, that’s okay!

Tooth and mouth pain can become unbearable. It can act as a catalyst for many aches and even illnesses. Gum disease and tooth decay may lead to infections in your heart and brain. A neglected cavity can cause a jaw ache and headache, aside from the mouth pain typically associated with cavities.

We can get your oral health back on track with many different treatments and procedures. We will likely start with thoroughly cleaning your teeth, make recommendations for your oral hygiene regimen, and follow up with one or more of these procedures:





Root Canal

Come in for a visit by calling 203-290-2968. We will do everything in our power to make your appointment stress-free and heal your mouth pain. You don’t need to be embarrassed, ashamed, or in pain!

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Expert Emergency Dentist in Stratford

As an emergency dentist in Stratford, Barnum Dental makes it easy for you to schedule an appointment for all of your dental needs. One of the most troubling emergencies that we continue to serve at our dental facility have been root canals. While other dentists may be trained to take care of basic issues, our experience and knowledge allows us to take care of any patient that walks through our door.

At Barnum Dental, we know how important family can be. Any family member looking for an emergency appointment will be able to secure one and even learn how our emergency dental care works. Understanding how you could be receiving emergency care for your teeth in the future will help to prevent any permanent damage to your pearly whites.

While coming in for your biannual cleanings is important, that simply is not enough. Your oral health is important to us, which is why we offer an array of day appointments to assure any emergency can be treated throughout the day. Our offices at Barnum offer a multitude of dental services as an emergency dentist in Stratford.

One of the most popular services comes when patients complain about tooth pain. Many times, patients will come in with tooth pain and our experts can easily diagnose the pain. Although fairly rare, that pain could be cellulitis, which is an infection at the bottom of the tooth. It can also form when a dental abscess meets bacteria in the mouth.

Once determined it is cellulitis, our dental experts will take the necessary measures to save your mouth from any further pain. There are also certain measures that you can be taking every day to prevent cellulitis from developing in your mouth. With daily flossing and brushing, your chances of developing cellulitis drop tremendously.

Although tooth pain is seen a lot at our emergency dentist in Stratford, we also see a lot of tooth luxation. This is when a tooth is loose, for whatever reason, and it needs to be tended to by dental experts. Tooth luxation can be caused by teeth grinding, sports, and just simple wear and tear.

If a tooth is loose and there’s no saving it, our dental professionals may recommend it be removed. When the tooth is extracted, a dental implant will be put in its place. This is a last resort but is very popular in our offices with people who have developed gum disease from a lack of brushing.

While we offer some of the best emergency dental care in Stratford, any dentist will stress the importance of preventive dental care. As with anything in life, preventing an issue can be more valuable than dealing with one.

Our dental center will thoroughly clean and check your teeth every six months. However, just going to these cleanings is not enough. You must focus on thoroughly brushing your teeth every day in order to remove any added dirt and decay on the teeth.

Your dental hygiene is very important and if you don’t stay on top of it, you may develop cellulitis or loose teeth. At Barnum Dental, we are here to help keep your teeth clean but we are only a part of the solution. We need your help to keep your natural smile squeaky clean.

In need of an emergency visit to the dentist? Visit our website here to learn more about all the services we can provide to you and your pearly whites. As one of the top emergency dentists in Stratford, Barnum Dental is ready to serve anyone and any dental emergency that comes our way. We look forward to serving you!

Barnum Dental Emergency Dentist Connecticut

Efficient Emergency Dentist and Dental Assistance

An emergency dentist in Stratford isn’t something you think about often. However, dental emergencies can happen anytime, and you should feel comfortable knowing there’s some place you can go. Instead of frantically dialing around, you’ll be happy to know that Barnum Dental offers immediate and efficient dental care for any knocked out, missing, or cracked teeth.

Dental emergencies can come in all shapes and sizes, and are often extremely painful. Today, we’ll go through some of the most common dental emergencies we see as a well experienced emergency dentist in Stratford. 

When people hear the term “dental accident”, a knocked out tooth is usually what comes to mind. While issues with the visible part of the tooth are what we usually see, there are plenty of cases where inflamed gums or an infection is the cause of the patient’s pain.

TOOTH LUXATION is the medical diagnosis for a loose tooth. This may be caused by a number of factors, such as teeth grinding, injury, and even advanced gum disease. If your tooth is noticeably loose, it’s best not to further the injury anymore. An emergency dentist in Stratford will usually treat a loose tooth in adults with flap surgery, bone grafting, splinting, or bite adjustment. In severe cases your dentist may recommend to have the tooth fully removed and add a dental implant in its place. Practicing proper oral hygiene can prevent a loose tooth from gum disease, and wearing a mouthguard during sports can prevent this injury. 

CELLULITIS is a rare but serious bacterial infection that affects the soft tissue and can be caused from an infection at the base of the tooth. You may experience pain and swelling, along with what looks like a rash where the dental issue is. An emergency dentist in Stratford will also tell you that cellulitis is often caused when bacteria comes in contact with a dental abscess.

IRREVERSIBLE PULPITIS is the inflammation on your tooth’s pulp when they start to decay, causing erosion to your teeth. We also see this issue during injury and intense impact with the patient’s tooth. Fractured teeth also expose the pulp, creating another way you may experience this pulpitis. This type of disease can be seen through symptoms such as a fever, swollen lymph nodes, bad breath, and an overall bad taste in your mouth.

TOOTH AVULSION is what most people think of when they need an emergency dentist in Stratford, because it’s the medical term for a missing tooth. We typically see this in sports injuries or just everyday life accidents. If the incident is treated quickly, then reimplantation is often possible. When you lose a otth, try to keep the tooth in a cup of milk to preserve it. Water is a substitute but it’s not as effective. If you can’t get to an emergency dentist in Stratford quick enough, then an implant or dental bridge may be in order. Losing a tooth is unfortunate but we are able to provide a beautiful and natural looking replacement. 

While our offices offer lots of emergency dental coverage, we cater towards our patients by providing general and cosmetic dentistry services as well. For a full list on our services, visit this page at When you need an emergency dentist in Stratford fast, call us for any immediate work at 203-290-2968.

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This is such a wonderful place with friendly office staff. I was very afraid of dentist appointments but this office makes you feel so comfortable. I highly recommend this office.

Jessica Rosario Jessica Rosario

Nicole is the best dental hygienist that I’ve ever had! She’s patient, caring, great sense of humor and very professional. She explained what she was doing every step of the way.

Sandi Stephens-Johnson Sandi Stephens-Johnson

This was my first visit to Barnum Dental. It was a very pleasant experience. I had a cleaning done by a wonderful hygienist. She was very thorough and pointed out some things that my previous dentist never did. Thumbs up! The Dentist was kind and friendly. He made me feel at ease. Very clean facility. Sweet front desk staff.

Nicholas Denig Nicholas Denig

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