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Why Choose Barnum’s Stratford Family Dental?

Are you looking for comprehensive dental care in Stratford, CT? For Stratford family dental, head over to Barnum Dental. Our experienced team will provide you with nothing but the highest quality dental care.

Located on Barnum Avenue in Stratford, CT, our dental office provides patients with thorough oral care. We are committed to helping all of our patients achieve healthy and beautiful smiles that will last a lifetime.

You may be wondering what sets our practice apart from any other dentist in Stratford. Listed below are just a few of the many reasons why you should choose Barnum Dental as your Stratford family dental practice.

Experienced and Friendly Staff

Our entire team is dedicated to making sure that each patient has a pleasant experience when they visit our dental office. We know that sometimes, going to the dentist is difficult for patients. We want to help ease any nerves you may have about going to the dentist by creating a welcoming environment.

Our number one goal is to make sure that you feel comfortable when you come to your appointment. If there is anything we can do to enhance your experience with us, do not hesitate to let us know.

Additionally, our team is very experienced, so you can be sure you are receiving high quality care. Our dentist, Dr. Efrain A. Socarras, got his degree at New York University College of Dentistry. Since graduating, Dr. Socarras has also received various other fellowships and certifications.

A Variety of Services

At Barnum Dental, we pride ourselves on the wide variety of services that we offer. Whether you need a check-up and teeth cleaning, or a more in-depth dental procedure, Barnum dental has you covered. Our services include dental hygiene, cosmetic dentistry, restorative services, pediatrics, and orthodontics.

Our office serves patients of all ages. For our younger patients, we offer various types of oral health check-ups, dental cleanings, Invisalign, and night guards. For our older patients, we can provide you with restorative services, x-rays and screenings, as well as cosmetic procedures to keep your smile looking beautiful. Barnum Dental is the perfect office for the entire family!

We also offer dental implants, which is Dr. Socarras’ area of expertise. He has consulted with and worked on over 11,000 dental implants! If you need implants, we highly recommend calling our office and meeting with Dr. Socarras.

Great Opening Hours

At Barnum Dental, we understand that not everybody can come in for an appointment in the middle of a weekday. Because of this, we have expanded hours so that you can schedule an appointment at a time that is convenient for you.

We stay open until 7:00pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and are open until 4:00pm or 5:00pm every other weekday. We are also open on Saturdays from 9:00am to 4:00 pm for those of you who cannot come in during the week. To see our comprehensive list of office hours, click here.

We hope that when you’re looking for a new dentist for you and your family, you visit our specialists at Barnum Dental. We look forward to hearing from you.

To learn more about why you should choose Barnum’s Stratford Family Dental, visit our website. If you have any questions, please call our office at (203)378-2760. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

Barnum Dental Stratford Emergency Dentist Stratford

Expert Emergency Dentist in Stratford

As an emergency dentist in Stratford, Barnum Dental makes it easy for you to schedule an appointment for all of your dental needs. One of the most troubling emergencies that we continue to serve at our dental facility have been root canals. While other dentists may be trained to take care of basic issues, our experience and knowledge allows us to take care of any patient that walks through our door.

At Barnum Dental, we know how important family can be. Any family member looking for an emergency appointment will be able to secure one and even learn how our emergency dental care works. Understanding how you could be receiving emergency care for your teeth in the future will help to prevent any permanent damage to your pearly whites.

While coming in for your biannual cleanings is important, that simply is not enough. Your oral health is important to us, which is why we offer an array of day appointments to assure any emergency can be treated throughout the day. Our offices at Barnum offer a multitude of dental services as an emergency dentist in Stratford.

One of the most popular services comes when patients complain about tooth pain. Many times, patients will come in with tooth pain and our experts can easily diagnose the pain. Although fairly rare, that pain could be cellulitis, which is an infection at the bottom of the tooth. It can also form when a dental abscess meets bacteria in the mouth.

Once determined it is cellulitis, our dental experts will take the necessary measures to save your mouth from any further pain. There are also certain measures that you can be taking every day to prevent cellulitis from developing in your mouth. With daily flossing and brushing, your chances of developing cellulitis drop tremendously.

Although tooth pain is seen a lot at our emergency dentist in Stratford, we also see a lot of tooth luxation. This is when a tooth is loose, for whatever reason, and it needs to be tended to by dental experts. Tooth luxation can be caused by teeth grinding, sports, and just simple wear and tear.

If a tooth is loose and there’s no saving it, our dental professionals may recommend it be removed. When the tooth is extracted, a dental implant will be put in its place. This is a last resort but is very popular in our offices with people who have developed gum disease from a lack of brushing.

While we offer some of the best emergency dental care in Stratford, any dentist will stress the importance of preventive dental care. As with anything in life, preventing an issue can be more valuable than dealing with one.

Our dental center will thoroughly clean and check your teeth every six months. However, just going to these cleanings is not enough. You must focus on thoroughly brushing your teeth every day in order to remove any added dirt and decay on the teeth.

Your dental hygiene is very important and if you don’t stay on top of it, you may develop cellulitis or loose teeth. At Barnum Dental, we are here to help keep your teeth clean but we are only a part of the solution. We need your help to keep your natural smile squeaky clean.

In need of an emergency visit to the dentist? Visit our website here to learn more about all the services we can provide to you and your pearly whites. As one of the top emergency dentists in Stratford, Barnum Dental is ready to serve anyone and any dental emergency that comes our way. We look forward to serving you!

Dental Veneers from A Local Stratford Family Dental Clinic

For years, our teeth are under the constant stress of eating, drinking, and potentially bad habits. With the wrong choices, our teeth can end up stained, yellow, or even cracked. Without changing a major part of your oral hygiene methods, dental veneers are one of the best cosmetic options from a Stratford family dental center, as they’re a more permanent solution than other cosmetic methods used.

Dental veneer procedures are used to improve the appearance of certain teeth in patients who may have inadequate or discolored teeth due to genetics, poor dental hygiene, or decay. Typically, a Stratford family dental center uses dental veneers on these teeth in conjunction with other procedures to correct the problem. Dental veneer processes can be used to correct dental problems with tooth structure, color, shape, size and spacing. In addition, they can be used to whiten teeth and make them appear cleaner.

One of the main benefits of dental veneers from a dentist in Stratford is that they provide an immediate boost of confidence and self-esteem. Patients who have had discolored teeth for a long period of time may feel self-conscious about smiling or speaking, and they may avoid interacting with others.

Veneers offer a bright, uniform alternative to the unsightly and discolored teeth. Over time, patients will also see benefits in their overall health and appearance. Decayed teeth can contribute to gum disease, cavities and other dental health issues, and patients who undergo dental veneers will enjoy immediate improvements in their smile and their overall health.

One of the key benefits of dental veneer procedures is that the procedure is painless. In most cases, patients can go home that night and sleep comfortably the following morning. During your first appointment with a Stratford family dental center, they’ll take measurements and create a mold for your teeth. These dental molds will be used to create an accurate replica of your original teeth.

For many people, dental veneers are an excellent alternative over tooth whitening, since porcelain veneers are far more resistant to staining. When you remove a tooth, the tooth’s root becomes exposed. We highly recommend finding the highest quality dental care for your cosmetic needs.

Over time, exposure to poor food and drink causes the tooth to become worn and decayed. If you choose porcelain veneers, the teeth will not only remain strong, they will be much stronger and less susceptible to staining. Porcelain veneers are also very strong and durable, making them a great option for replacing teeth for a healthy and beautiful smile.

Finally, dental veneers may be ideal for anyone wanting proper oral care. Many individuals with a stained smile have dark colored teeth, making the need for a dental cleaning even higher. By covering your teeth with porcelain veneer, you can greatly reduce the appearance of discoloration from smoking or other hard objects you may be biting.

Porcelain veneers may also improve the color of a person’s teeth by covering up stains caused by eating or drinking hard objects, such as berries or other products with high amounts of sugar. While eating fruits and vegetables have a great effect on your physical health, the acidity might not be the best for your oral health.

For more information, visit this Stratford dental office online for our other high quality dental services. Or, you can call our office at 203-290-2968 for any questions about our dental practice. From dental implants to a teeth cleanings, we cover all cosmetic dental procedures.

Pediatric Care with A Stratford Family Dental Office

Pediatric Care with A Stratford Family Dental Office

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been sitting at home, eating much more junk food than usual during this quarantine. Our pearly whites become more and more sensitive as we continue to divulge in our favorite comfort foods while locked down due to the pandemic. The kids are home doing school virtually on zoom and doing the same exact thing. You know that it’s imperative to save your children’s teeth, so naturally you’ll look at specific ways to do so. One of the most important things when it comes to your smile is actually in the future. Preventative measures are the most important type of dentistry when it comes to keeping your best smile out there for the world to see. At this Stratford family dental office, we take these preventative measures more serious than other dental clinics in the area.

The pediatric dentist services here at Barnum Dental provide a wide variety of preventative measures that look to preserve your teeth. Our expertise lies within services involving custom mouth guards and sealants that are perfect preventative measures for all ages. Sports are often a large part of your kids’ lives, and making sure they’re properly cared for is crucial. Athletes of all ages have decided to rely on our mouth guards to protect and prevent any injuries to their teeth.

Imagine that you’re an athlete, you would want the best quality mouth guard that specifically aligns with your mouth, right? Of course you would, which is why our custom mouth guards are perfect for your child athletes. The same goes for when you go to sleep. Many people tend to grind their teeth and increase the gradual decay of their teeth when they’re not even awake. They then seek to find something that can stop that decay. Our mouth guard product does just that by protecting your teeth from any damage in any harmful activity.

With preventative measures in mind, we focus on supplying all children the best pediatric dental services at this Stratford family dental center. Another example of preventative services we offer are dental sealants. These sealants are perfect for anyone looking to preserve their teeth from cavities or other types of decay.

Now let’s face it, children are bound to get cavities. However, it’s the services after receiving a cavity that truly matters. With our sealants, each child is given a chance to save their teeth from cavities or further decay. Both the custom mouth guard and sealant are perfect preventative measures that help keep your kids’ teeth from decaying over time. As a family dentist, we look to prevent those devastating events that negatively affect your smile in every way possible and as early as possible.

With the effects of COVID-19 still continuing to rage through the world, the safety of every child that enters the office is a top priority for us at Barnum Dental. That is why we will continue to practice the necessary precautions that ensure everyone’s safety while providing the best work possible. So if those kiddos are in need of some dental work, visit us at the Stratford family dental office or check out our website to learn more! Conveniently located at 1100 Barnum Avenue in the Stratford Spinelli Plaza, we are ready to keep your kids smile shining bright for years to come. More information about the wonderful pediatric dentistry work we do can be found on our website here! We hope to see you soon!


Perfect Cosmetic Services Provided for You

It’s never too late to get cosmetic dental care from your local dentist in Stratford CT, regardless of how old you are. While most patients experience dental issues when they’re younger, the appearance of your teeth will deteriorate as you age. While some adults wait until they are older to regain their smile, others must undergo assistance earlier because of other dental problems.

In this article, we’ll be going over some of the benefits of cosmetic dentistry, as well as some common procedures we can perform. Your smile is the first thing people notice about you, and you’ll want to keep it sparkling and bright as long as you can.

Common Cosmetic Procedures

The most common cosmetic procedure offered by a dentist in Stratford CT involves dental implants. Invisalign is a popular option that allows you to replace lost tooth enamel through the use of removable veneers. Dental bridges are another common procedure, designed to bridge gaps between teeth or replace a single tooth that has broken. If you have missing teeth or damaged teeth, you may also be able to benefit from dental crowns and dental veneers. Other benefits offered by a dentist include tooth whitening, bleaching, bonding, and more. 

Benefits of Cosmetic Procedures

The benefits of cosmetic procedures are no longer just cosmetic. In fact, they are becoming essential in some dental situations, such as those where tooth damage or decay has occurred. By restoring your tooth’s original look, you can have the confidence that others will take notice of your new smile. The procedure involves removing a small portion of the tooth and replacing it with a porcelain or composite veneer. These veneers mimic the natural function of your natural teeth so that you get the look and function that you want.

Dental Veneers

For those who are self-conscious about their appearance, cosmetic dentistry can offer solutions for a smile makeover that makes a big impact. For example, if you need dental veneers to fix a gap or chip in your teeth, you can get them quickly and easily at a dentist in Stratford CT. By consulting with a dentist, you can determine which treatment is right for your situation and can ask about further cosmetic dental care services, including teeth whitening, at the office.


One of the most popular procedures that cosmetic dental care practitioners recommend to patients seeking a whiter, straighter smile is called clear aligners. Clear aligners work by reshaping the teeth to remove pockets of irregularly shaped bone that can cause a smile to look off-center or crowded. Patients who try this procedure often find that the results are lasting for years, which gives them more confidence about their appearance and their overall self-image.

Teeth whitening, veneers, and dental implants are all incredibly useful procedures provided by any dentist in Stratford CT. For more information on our cosmetic services, visit our page or call us today at 203-290-2968.

Our Happy Patients

This is such a wonderful place with friendly office staff. I was very afraid of dentist appointments but this office makes you feel so comfortable. I highly recommend this office.

Jessica Rosario Jessica Rosario

Nicole is the best dental hygienist that I’ve ever had! She’s patient, caring, great sense of humor and very professional. She explained what she was doing every step of the way.

Sandi Stephens-Johnson Sandi Stephens-Johnson

This was my first visit to Barnum Dental. It was a very pleasant experience. I had a cleaning done by a wonderful hygienist. She was very thorough and pointed out some things that my previous dentist never did. Thumbs up! The Dentist was kind and friendly. He made me feel at ease. Very clean facility. Sweet front desk staff.

Nicholas Denig Nicholas Denig

Here at Barnum Dental, we use the most effective systems for cosmetic dentistry.

  • invisalign
  • whitening
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